About Us

"Our mission is to help women through providing resources that address their immediate needs as well as offering resources to help meet their educational, financial, career and spiritual goals; which will assist them in fulfilling their divine purpose and destiny."


"Helping you identify your true passion, providing you with quality resources and services to assist you in fulfilling your purpose."

A Message from Our President

Thank you for visiting Women's Resources, Inc. I am both excited and honored to be a part of your journey to success. Like many of you, I've had dreams, goals and plans to be successful. Initially, I wasn't quite sure how to achieve my goals or where to go for help. The resources and information that were available were either hard to find or insufficient to support my needs. There were many avenues to explore for education, training, and entrepreneurship. After completing a few educational and training programs, I obtained certifications and a degree, yet I still was not quite sure what was best for me. It wasn't until I was able to determine what my true gifts, talents and passions were, that I was able to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. That is what Women's Resources is all about! Bringing it all together in one place for you! We aim to help you identify your true passion and provide you with quality resources and services that will assist you on your journey of success so that you can fulfill your.