WRI Community

Our vision is to invite local businesses and residence alike, as we partner to end hunger and strengthen families through quality resources and efficient support. 

Mentorship Services

 Designed for women 18-35. Offered in a structured academic setting for group training and one-to-one relationships with our mentors, field trips, coaching, partner-sponsored classes, workshops, and seminars.

Network On Purpose (NOP)

A convenient online or onsite program that teaches the fundamentals and skills needed to start your own business. The program includes partner-sponsored classes, workshops, and seminars curated for business at every level.

Professional Services

Women business owners looking to scale and have access to our proven methodology for growing companies. We invite you to be part of our network and resource center.

Event Center

Ready-to-go private office spaces, training rooms, conference rooms, and business centers. We offer flexible plans and all the amenities you need to hit the ground running with the freedom and flexibility to grow at your own pace.

A Message from the Founder

Thank you for visiting Women's Resources, Inc. I am both excited and honored to be a part of your journey to success! Like many of you, I too had dreams, goals, and plans to be successful. Initially, I wasn't sure how to achieve my goals or where to go for help. The resources and information that were available to me at the time, were either insufficient or I did not "qualify". There were many avenues to explore for education, training, and entrepreneurship. After completing a few educational and training programs, I obtained certifications and a degree. However, I was still unfulfilled and uncertain of what was best for me. Through surrendering to a committed relationship with God and myself, I gained maturity, growth and development. This newfound knowledge and self-awareness helped me determine what my true gifts, talents, and passions are. The clarity and understanding of who I was created to be, manifested exactly what I wanted to do in life. That is what Women's Resources is all about! Bringing it all together in one place for you! We aim to help you identify your true passion and provide you with quality resources and services that will assist you on your journey to success so that you can fulfill your divine purpose and destiny!


Membership Packages



Exclusive to the first 10 members
Full use of the facility; including all rooms of the event center. (based on availability)
VIP Seating and discounts to all WRI Events
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Secured access 24x7x365
Enterprise grade Wi-Fi
Board Rooms, Conference Rooms, and AV equipment.
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It takes a village


Women's Resources, Inc. would like to recognize our generous and supportive partners. Without you, none of this is possible.


Martina Young

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Wm. Dexter Jones


Rhashanda Rochecter


Rochester Firm

Rhashanda Rochester


Dudley Enterprises

Tyrone Dudley


Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Frank Fernandez


Sam's Club

Chris Nicholas



Doug McMillion



Todd Jones

Read our Testimonials



Letitia Smallwood

I am a single mother of three beautiful girls. Promoting my business and getting it off the ground was a challenge for me at first but...

Women’s Resources has helped me get my business ‘Heavenly Hands Catering’ up and off the ground. Ms. Anderson helps me in networking, motivating and giving me the tools to be a success.



Malikah E. Ngodu

I am a 32-year-old single mother of 6 children. I have been through many trials and tribulations, but instead of letting those experiences get me down, I decided to write them down.

Alisa Anderson has been instrumental in pushing me toward my destiny. She has motivated me to believe in my gift. I just recently published two books - Reflections of Perfection. These books are about God's love proven through my experiences. We are all made in the image and the likeness of God. We need to understand how special and important we are. I am both thankful and grateful that Women's Resources Inc. is about assisting women to walk in their purpose and destiny. There are still good people in the world who want to help those that may not be able to help themselves!



Mahoganey Smart

Single 37 years old mother of four going through a terrible separation from my husband of 7 years who had abandoned his family.

I met Alisa Anderson after moving to Georgia in 2016. I was broken, bitter, homeless, poverty-stricken, and completely overwhelmed with life in general...Alisa was such a sweet person genuinely from the core. Alisa willed me back from the brink of suicide, depression, and fear, and showed me compassion even when she was going through hard times. WRI means absolutely the most to me because this company has helped me rebuild from the inside out.



Kangila Jordan

I am a proud mother of two wonderful children. As a single parent, I have had many challenges.

Since becoming a client of Women's Resources Inc., I have been empowered to accomplish my goals as an entrepreneur, I leaned how to manage my finances, and I received counseling and prayer for myself and my family. We are now on our way to living a prosperous and fulfilled life. Thank you so much!



Tonia M. Wilson

I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I lost my place in July because I was unable to find work...

I contacted Woman Resources and a nice young lady by the name of Alisa Anderson talked with me and prayed with me... She gave me the steps that I needed to find housing and taught me some budgeting skills. Women's Resources provided me and my family with food and shelter. I have never seen an organization so helpful and moved so fast. I thank them so much...Also, I am now an inspiring model and actress please visit my [ Facebook Page ].



Serita Durham

WRI is such a blessing to me that it sparked a fire in me to restart my ministry. WRI assisted me in getting organized.

The organization pushed me to move forward with my dreams and visions. As a result of the pushing, Worship Ride: Warfare on 2's was formed and souls are being touched by God to Bring Restoration and hope to people. I'm so encouraged that I encourage others to move forward with their business or ministry. WRI is a blessing from God!



Cymeve Garrett

"I met Ms. Alisa at my under paying job in November 2012. She stated that she had an organization...and they help families with things they need."

I explained to her that I’m divorced with four children. Ms. Alisa offered me a food basket for Thanksgiving and I graciously accepted. Soon after, in December my family and I were invited to the Women’s Resources Center where my family was presented with several Christmas items. My children were very happy and pleased. Ms. Alisa told me that her goal was to help others become independent and successful with someone to help them along the way...now I am a Certified Nursing Assistant! My family has greatly appreciated the Women’s Resource Center, are extremely grateful!