How To Start A

Non-Profit Workshop

Fast Track- How To Start Workshop

A Non-Profit Workshop

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community?

Do you have a vision for positive change but aren't sure where to start?

Look no further than our comprehensive 8-week workshop to guide you through starting a non-profit organization.

In this dynamic and interactive workshop, you'll embark on a transformative journey as we explore the essential steps in launching a successful non-profit venture.

Led by experienced professional Alisa Anderson, Executive Director of Women's Resources Inc., a non-profit sector organization leader.

Each weekly session will focus on a different aspect of the start-up process, providing you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to bring your vision to life.

Check out what you will learn.

Workshop Agenda

What Are The Rules? written on a chalkboard

Setting The Foundation

Regulations - Folder Register Name in Directory. Colored, Blurred Image. Closeup View.


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Advertising & Logo

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Financial paper charts and graphs on the table

Business Documents

Hand with marker writing the word Its All About Relationships

Resources & Funding

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Accounting & Financials

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Putting It All Together

"Fast Track Workshop"

Starting A Non-Profit

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Thank you for registering!

I understand that registering for a workshop can sometimes feel like a leap of faith, especially when unsure whether it is right for you.

This workshop does not include licensing fees but is designed to prepare you for licensing.

However, let me assure you that our "Steps to Starting A Non-Profit Workshop" is an incredible opportunity you won't want to miss.

If you're passionate about creating positive change in your community or addressing social issues that matter to you, this workshop is tailor-made for you.

Best regards,

Alisa Anderson, Executive Director, Women's Resources Inc.