Network on Purpose


NOP Mission

NOP is designed to help like-minded individuals come together and simply "Network On Purpose" while obtaining the necessary resources to apply to their everyday business and personal life.

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NOP Vision

NOP's Vision is to Expand and Make a Difference Across the Globe!


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NOP Goal

Our goal is to reach a global audience and empower individuals of diverse backgrounds to become agents of change by providing them with the necessary knowledge and opportunities. Through this approach, we hope to plant the seeds of growth and progress worldwide.

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"Kingdom Business Builders"

Meet Rhashanda Rochester, also known as R.E. Rochester.

She partnered with WRI to create Network on Purpose, an opportunity for like-minded entrepreneurs to network and learn new skills to help their businesses succeed.

Join Atlanta's Best Christian-based business networking & self-building event for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs! Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned entrepreneur, we've tailored our resources to meet your needs!

The registration fee serves as a charitable donation supporting Feed the Hungry, Mentorship, and Adopt the Families programs at WRI.

Scheduled to occur quarterly, this event is strategically crafted to foster personal growth and business success, empowering you to evolve both personally and professionally.




"Kingdom Business Builders"

Network On Purpose Registration

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Thank you for registering!

Join us for our special quarterly Networking Event that will teach, motivate, inspire, and encourage.

Our guest speakers will help us learn about business specifics that will help us establish, maintain, and/or grow our business!

Retrieve helpful information and tools that will help you become the best version of YOU while keeping GOD first!

Don't miss this opportunity to network your butt off. Bring your business cards and your best elevator pitch.

You just may meet your next client here."

If you have any questions, please email me at or (770)-374-2581.

Best regards,

R.E. Rochester," Creator of Network on Purpose"