WRI Resources

Empower Women. Improve Lives.

Empowering others in need is fulfilling our purpose in life!

The services provided through Women's Resources Inc. are an outstanding way to achieve the goal of helping women obtain growth and development.


WRI Community Outreach

Our Vision: To impact and build our community with quality resources.  

-End hunger in our community  

We are committed to helping improve the lives of the underserved in metro Atlanta. Every month we provide meals and other necessities for those in need.

How can you help?

We need assistance with food prep, distribution, food banks, and organizing meal programs. Click the button to fill out our volunteer form and let's work together to end food insecurity.


-Strengthening the Support of Families in Our Community

We have a holistic approach to serving families in need in the metro area. This includes supplemental classes, workshops, seminars, food, clothing, household necessities and more. With a host of family-centric drives like our Back to School, Thanksgiving Boxes, and Adopt-a-Family, we want to make sure that families receive the help they need. Resilient families produce children who can thrive.

Connect with us to find out more about the program.

Mentorship Services

Promoting a culture of learning

The primary purpose of our mentoring program is to prevent negative outcomes among females in at-risk situations. Our program provides structured support from people who are willing to share their experiences and provide a positive role model to the mentees. We offer both group and 1:1 mentoring and split our focus on growing mental, psychological, and professional development.

Ready to join the mentoring program. Fill out our contact form.

Network On Purpose (NOP)

Foster Growth and Sustainability for Entrepreneurs

This program illustrates our dedication to promoting women's entrepreneurship. Created with the support of local business owners and coaches, the Entrepreneurship program delivers business skills along with character and leadership development.

Professional Services

Ready to grow and scale your business?

Women's Resources provides low-cost access to business offices, board rooms, training, and technical resources to women who want to start, grow, and expand their small businesses. We help "level the playing field" for women entrepreneurs who face unique obstacles in the business world.

How to get started

Click the button below to schedule a meeting with one of our counselors. We will learn more about your business and how Women's Resources Inc. may serve your needs.

Business Event Center

Host your business event at a beautiful venue in Lilburn

Our Event Center has over 3000 square feet of possibilities and is available to host any business event, up to 100 guests. The Business Event Center was designed to be a blank canvas where you can imagine and create your professional occasion. When you book your business event at the Women's Resources Inc. your vision will come to life.

Let's Create a Memory

Talk to a Women's Resources Inc. Business Event Agent to learn more about the venue, and check availability and pricing.